Partial Bathroom Renovation – Affordable and Beautiful

Ideas for partial bathroom renovation

Partial bathroom renovation is the process of remodeling your bathroom to alter its look and vibe. While renovation might sound like a big job burning a hefty hole in your pocket, partially renovating your bathroom can help to lift your spirits without having to dip into your savings.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you can partially change in your bathroom.

Bathtub–to–shower conversion

The bathtub to shower conversion has been turning into a widely accepted renovation for quite some time now.

Bathtub to shower conversion includes the removal of the bathtub and installing the shower, new tiles, shower faucet and shower door installation.

This type of partial renovation creates easy to assess shower place changing the look of your bathroom entirely.

Shower/tub faucet replacement

Simply replace the existing shower arm and add the Retro Fit system components without altering any in-wall plumbing

Toilet replacement

The toilet is the most integral part of the bathroom. You can replace your toilet with the new version of the one you have, or you can go for a completely different design.

Bathroom vanity replacement

You have two choices when it comes to replacing bathroom vanity.

The first one is replacing the complete bathroom vanity including the cabinet, top and faucet.

The second option is replacing some part of it . Only by this little change, the whole look of the bathroom will be renewed.

Shower or bathtub glass replacement

Glass enclosures keep the water from going out, and it helps to keep the rest of your bathroom tidy.

At Toronto Bath Centre we believe that caring for your shower door should be simple and stress-free. We recommend installing the glass door treated with unique glass protection that prevents scum, lime scale, salt, chemicals, grime and hard water damage from accumulating on your shower door.

Some of the models have a safety protection which is a transparent film bonded directly onto the glass panel by means of an adhesive to improve safety by retaining the pieces together in the event of glass breakage.

Bathroom lights replacement

When you buy house from someone, chances are that the light fixtures are nowhere close to what you need.

Replacing or adding new vanity light, adding shower light and pot lights, installing dimmer and timer switches changes the look of your bathroom.

At Toronto Bath Centre we think that partial bathroom renovation is a great way to update your bathroom.

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