Barrier-Free Bathrooms: Comfortable, Functional, and Aesthetic

Barrier-free bathrooms have been quite the rage for some time now. The comfort of barrier-free bathrooms that are customized to fit your needs is unmatched. 

The idea behind barrier-free bathrooms is to create one that is tailor-made for the client. Planning  is a crucial step because a barrier-free bathroom should be functional, comfortable, and beautiful at the same time.

There are a few essential factors we account for when creating a barrier-free bathroom, such as accessibility, enhanced mobility, and reduced obstacles. Let’s look at some of the unique features  of our barrier-free bathrooms.

Barrier-free Shower

Most showers have a traditional tray design. While that’s comfortable, it has some flaws, especially for people with limited mobility. But a barrier-free shower, also known as a walk-in shower, does not have a raised platform. 

It’s designed to give easy access to people who may be injured or bound to wheelchairs. Furthermore, this allows the bathroom floor to blend into the shower floor. This reduces the risk of slipping while creating a better flow between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom.

Expanded Entrance Doors

Conventional bathroom doors have a restricted design that doesn’t have enough space for walkers and wheelchairs to go through. This makes people with physical disabilities dependent on everyone around them for help. 

There’s no doubt that nothing is wrong with that, but some people don’t like it. They would rather be independent and take care of themselves on their own. So using an expanded entrance door which is wider than the usual entrance, makes it easy for people to enter the bathroom without any struggle.

Shower and Toilet Grab Bars

Grab bars are metal bars often installed above the toilet seat in public bathrooms. These metal bars are usually installed in bathrooms to help people hoist themselves up from their seats. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain. 

Grab bars can be installed wherever you need a little assistance. For example, it can provide support in the shower, particularly if the floor is slippery.

Benches in the Shower

Benches in the shower are an underrated concept. Benches can help relieve some of the pressure from time to time. 

Moreover, shower benches are a convenient addition for almost everyone. You can build a bench connected to your tiles or install one separately wherever needed. 

Automatic Lighting

Automated lighting is an extremely helpful feature. You don’t need any switches that you have to walk to turn on the lights. All you need to do is walk into the bathroom, and the lights will turn on automatically. 

Light sensors are usually installed all over the bathroom walls for better visibility. A poorly lit bathroom is a health hazard, especially if the light switch is inside the bathroom. 

Matte Floor Tiles

Matte floor tiles are a game changer for people of all ages. Accidents tend to occur in the bathroom if it’s not built correctly. Likewise, if there’s poor tiling, there is a high chance of slip-and-fall accidents. 

Therefore, matte floor tiles or non-slip tiles can help enhance the overall safety of the bathroom and not just the shower. Not only do they promote safety, but they also give the bathroom a very modern look.

Toilets at Comfortable Heights

This one is a no-brainer. When the toilet is at a comfortable height, it prevents injuries and helps people with back and knee pain. A comfortable toilet height is at least 16 inches from the floor. You can customize it to your specific requirements depending on the problems you face in your current setup. 

In a Nutshell, bathrooms are supposed to be comfortable, functional, and beautiful. That is exactly what a barrier-free bathroom is. So whether you want to correct your current bathroom’s layout to fit your needs or design a new one, we can work with you to create a barrier-free bathroom that can solve all your problems. 

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