What Is A Wall Hung Toilet?

The basic difference between floor mounted and wall hung toilets is that the wall hung models  have the cistern hidden inside your bathroom wall. Attached to the wall of your bathroom, such toilets enhance your bathroom aesthetics. Let’s check  advantages and disadvantages of such toilets.

What’s To Think About While Choosing  Wall-Mounted Toilet?

Wall-mounted toilets are space-saving.

One of the biggest advantages of having a wall-mounted toilet  is that they save a lot of floor space. They’re ideal for small bathrooms because they occupy zero floor space and they make the room look more spacious.

You can adjust the height at installation.

Another big pro is the fact that you get to decide the exact height at which to install the toilet so that it’s most comfortable for you. This increases comfort and is a really nice element that allows you to customize your bathroom.

Weight limit

Obviously, weight limit of different wall hung toilets varies from model to model. Here are three of the most popular and best wall hung toilets and how much loads they can support

  • 880 pounds – TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet when used with TOTO in-wall Tank Sustem
  • 500+ pounds  – KOHLER Veil Wall Hung Toilet
  • 500+ pounds – American Standard Glenwall Wall Hung toilet

Correct Installation of Wall Mounted Toilet

You need to make sure that your wall hung toilet is installed correctly onto a sturdy wall and your toilet will be able to handle very heavy loads. It is very important to use all the nuts and washers when you set the toilet and follow the instructions.

Make sure you hire experienced plumber who knows exactly how to install your wall hung toilet model.

They’re easier to maintain and clean.

Because they’re not attached to the floor, you can easily use the mop to clean the area underneath and around them.

The water is concealed behind the wall.

The fact that the water tank of these toilets is concealed behind the wall can also be viewed as a pro and as a con. It looks super sleek and nice but installing it  requires removal of drywall. Such a project is best for a new build or a remodel.

Make sure your wall-mounted toilet comes with an access panel on the wall for easy repairs.

They come with high-tech features.

Usually, wall-mounted toilets also come with high tech features such as automated lids, integrated dryers, illuminated bowls and all sorts of other things.

Should You Choose Wall Hung Toilets?

If you are willing to upgrade your bathroom with a more contemporary look, go for cool, sleek and  modern  wall-hung toilet.

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