Tips to maintain your renovated bathroom

You have just had your bathroom renovation completed. Everything is bright and shiny, fresh and clean.

Your newly remodeled bathroom is like a showroom and its almost a shame to use it.

You then spy that new deep bath we installed and the amazing new rain head shower that offers massage after a long hard day. We love to enjoy all we have worked for.

By sharing these tips we want your new bathroom to look as bright and shiny in 10 years  time as they do now.

Here are some tips:

Register your warranty

Your bathroom has a lot of moving parts from many different brands. We leave the manuals and instructions in the top drawer of the cabinet for future reference.  Make sure you keep these in a safe place for future reference in the unlikely event that you would need them.

Bathroom fan

Creating good air flow within the bathroom can help to avoid mould. Leaving the window opened, opening the blinds during the day to allow the light in and using your exhaust fan while showering and bathing will all help avoid mould.  It’s a good idea to remove the fan cover plate once every season as you will notice dust will start to sit on the grill.

Drain maintenance

Cleaning the drains on a monthly basis is not only something that should be done for hygiene, it helps to keep your waterproofing system working the way it should.

Sparkling Clean Shower

  1. Rinse your shower walls and shower screen down with water when you finished showering. Shower systems with hand shower are very useful for this.
  2. Wipe your shower screen down w/squeegee. If you have very large, high gloss tiles, use squeegee on the walls as well.
  3. Leave your shower screen door open when you are finished showering. This allows the shower to dry out, reduces humidity and mould growth.

Faucets & Fixtures

Always remember to read and follow the manufacturers recommendations. We recommend that faucets and fixtures be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive liquid soap, warm water and soft cloth. Never use abrasive products, chemicals, corrosives that are very strong or in powder form, including toothpaste, detergents, scouring products, window cleaners and disinfectants. A mild detergent, warm water and a soft cloth will remove normal dirt and soap accumulations on the surface. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and wipe with a soft dry cloth to restore original lustre on its surface.

Acrylic-bathtubs, shower bases & walls 

To keep your acrylic looking bright and smooth, use mild liquid household detergents, soap & water or foaming cleansers. Never use aromatic solvents, abrasive cleaners  or other materials that could damage or dull the surface of your walls, showers or bathtub. 

Whirlpool (Jetted) Tub Maintenance

Your jetted tub’s pump and piping should be cleaned out every few months. The tub’s system stays cleaner the more you use your jets. Every couple of months fill the tub above the jets with hot water and add few teaspoons low sudsing automatic dishwashing detergent or a few cups bleach. Run the jets for about 15 minutes, drain the tub, fill again and run clean water through for another 15 minutes. 

Natural Stones

Natural stone is like a sponge – it’s porous. It absorbs whatever is spilled on it. We highly recommend it to be sealed. Sealer breaks down over time and needs to be sealed typically every two years. Remember a properly sealed surface will cause liquids to bead on top of them. If the water  simply disappears and gets absorbed into the natural stone it’s probably time to seal it again.  Not taking care of your countertop can lead to etching and staining. 

Wood Vanity

Use a lint free cloth for regular dusting. Do not use pre-moistened dusting sheets (they may damage the finish). For everyday cleaning, use a damp cloth and dry immediately. To remove general soil or grease, we recommend Murphy Oil Soap Original Formula. It is a great cleaner for all your wood surfaces.

Quartz Countertop

Clean with a soft rag and PH-balanced detergent if necessary. The detergent must be non-bleach and non-abrasive. Wipe away liquids, stains and spills as soon as possible. For dried or heavy stains, use a glass cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge. Spray cleaner over the counter and leave for 8-10 minutes. Then wipe away with the non-scratch sponge. For gum, grease or paint, remove with a plastic knife and then clean the rest with a soft rag.


Wash it with mild, soapy water, rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use in-tank cleaners. These products can seriously corrode fittings in the tank. This damage can cause leakage and property damage.

We hope these tips will help you maintain your bathroom for years to come. If you need any help, feel free to call our showroom and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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