Laundry Room Renovations in Toronto

Toronto Bath Centre welcomes you  to the new age of laundry room where washing machines are placed on pedestals, ironing boards are statement items, luxury wallpaper dresses up  the space, stone counters and marble backsplashes decorate working surfaces, and chandeliers illuminate the space.

We all remember the time when  the laundry room was something to keep hidden behind closed doors. It was a place, usually deep in the basement, where we had  a rogue washer and dryer standing on linoleum floor. And  old stained sink with rusty taps would , and pieces of clothing unorganized around the space.

Nowadays, laundry room  is no longer a room to keep hidden away. Today’s utility rooms  are spacious and economical, functional and fun, luxurious and practical. It’s a place to play with kids and fold clothes, to wash the dog or wrap presents, and it can also be a place to hang fine art and show off your colourful side. 

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Our professional Team will help you to answer the questions to consider before you start your Laundry Room renovation

Where Should It Be Located?

Just because your current laundry appliances are located in the basement doesn’t mean they have to stay there.  If there is space available, we can help you to move your laundry room to either the main floor or into an upstairs space. 

What Will Make It Efficient For Me?

While there are tons of laundry room design ideas available, we help you to decide which layout will work best for you. 

Where Can Storage Be Added?

Laundry rooms are usually pretty small, and given the amount of work that needs to be done, functionality is very important. We make sure to  include drying racks, a surface for folding, and of course, plenty of storage to make your laundry room a space you love.

Laundry Room Safety 

Even though the laundry room is probably one of the smallest spaces in your home, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the need to take precautions when renovating the space.  We make sure that renovation is done according the current building and electrical codes.

Consider Lighting

We make sure that lighting plan includes general and task lighting and help you to choose proper fixtures .

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