10 Must-Know Rules for Condo Bathroom Renovation

A condo bathroom renovation requires careful planning and strict adherence to specific rules and regulations. From understanding condo board guidelines to obtaining necessary permits, here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your bathroom renovation goes smoothly and successfully. 1. Understand the Condo Rules and Regulations Before planning your renovation, review your condo’s rules and regulations. Each condo board has specific guidelines regarding renovations, including permissible hours for noisy work, types of renovations allowed, and necessary approvals. 2. Obtain Necessary Permits Certain renovations require permits from the city. Ensuring you understand which permits are needed for your bathroom project is crucial. How[...]

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Condo Bathroom Renovation in Toronto

Renovating a bathroom in a condominium in Toronto presents unique challenges. Unlike detached homes where homeowners have free rein over renovations, condo owners must navigate a maze of condo board regulations that can affect everything from plumbing changes to structural alterations. Here’s a detailed exploration of what you should know when planning a bathroom renovation in your Toronto condo. Condo board regulations are a primary consideration when renovating a condo bathroom. These rules ensure that modifications do not compromise the building’s structure or plumbing systems serving other units. For example, moving a sink or toilet may necessitate altering main plumbing[...]

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