Bathroom Material Trends

Despite the apparent simplicity of the bathroom, it is very  multifunctional and demanding room.

So, what materials are the best to use  in the interior of the bathroom?

Ceramics is the oldest material for decoration

Ceramic tile is the oldest and most common material for decoration. The secret of its popularity for bathroom decoration lies in the properties. It does not absorb moisture, easy to care for. The variety of its design allows you to create any interior for every taste.

To create an interesting interior in the bathroom, you can use several simple tricks. It could be a fully tiled room. For this purpose, we recommend the use of tiles for floors and walls with the same design, and you can combine tiles of different sizes.  

To decorate a large bathroom, you can use several types of finishes to delimit the space. For example, in the shower area, lay out the walls with mosaics, and near the bathroom make panels with mosaic elements.

These are the new trends in tile shown in Cersaie 2019

Digital Printing

Using a new digital printing technique that does not require high-temperature firing, digital slabs feature colorful custom designs. Fired after decoration, the ceramic surfaces are stain-resistant and highly durable. 

Flora and Fauna 

Flower and plant motifs bring sensory experiences to engage both sight and touch. These new tiles were aptly inspired by nature. 


Iridescent glazes allow light and shadow to refract from new holographic finishes. This playful treatment allows the color of the glossy tile to change given the light.  


New ceramic wall tiles adorned with 3D relief patterns add texture to otherwise flat vertical surfaces, bring color, dimension, and a little pizazz.

Mosaic – a material of creative natures

The history of the mosaic extends from the depths of centuries. Its first traces were discovered in Mesopotamia. Later it appeared in Mexico and other regions of the planet. Various techniques for its manufacture were created. The most difficult was the Florentine. But that was in ancient times. Progress has greatly simplified the manufacture of mosaics. Now the mosaic is made of porcelain, ceramics and glass. The walls covered with mosaic are absolutely moisture resistant and durable.

Wall panels are modern attribute of room decoration

Nowadays,  one of the popular  material  is wall panels. They can be plastic or ceramic, or made of artificial marble or even quartz.  They are very practical to maintain.

These are only few examples and  there are more material that can be used to build your dream bathroom.

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