Bathroom renovation in The Beaches by Toronto Bath Centre featuring modern fixtures, elegant design elements, and high-quality finishes.

Bathroom Renovation in The Beaches

Renovating a century-old home in the picturesque Beaches neighborhood of Toronto brings both challenges and rewards. Our recent bathroom renovation in The Beaches involved transforming an ensuite that had been a source of frustration for our clients, despite their overall satisfaction with previous renovations. The existing space featured an old cast iron alcove bathtub, a lack of storage, and an entrance door that inconveniently touched the toilet when opened. Additionally, the room was not warm enough despite having a radiator. Our goal was to address these functional issues while keeping within the existing footprint and honoring our clients’ request to reuse the existing vanity and toilet.

1. Identifying the Main Functional Issues

Before diving into the renovation details, we needed to identify the primary functional issues with the bathroom:

1. Old, Non-Soaking Alcove Bathtub: The existing bathtub was not only outdated but also not suitable for a relaxing soak.
2. Lack of Storage: The bathroom lacked adequate storage solutions, making it difficult to keep the space organized.
3. Inconvenient Door Placement: The entrance door touched the toilet when opened, creating an awkward and cramped entryway.
4. Insufficient Warmth: Despite having a radiator, the bathroom was not warm enough, especially during the colder months.

2. Client Requests

Our clients had a clear vision for their revamped bathroom:

  • Increase Storage Space: They needed more storage to keep the bathroom tidy and functional.
  • Reuse Existing Vanity and Toilet: To maintain continuity and save on costs, the existing vanity and toilet were to be reused.
  • Enhance Bathtub Functionality: The bathtub area needed to be more functional and inviting.
  • Add Visual Interest and Depth: The bathroom should reflect the home’s historical charm while incorporating modern touches.
The Beaches bathroom renovation: Before - overall view of the ensuite, showing the original layout and fixtures.

The Beaches Bathroom: Before – Overall View of the Ensuite

3.  Implementing the Renovation Plan

To meet these goals, we incorporated several key improvements into our design and renovation plan:

1. Sourcing a Comfortable Alcove Bathtub: We replaced the old cast iron tub with a comfortable alcove bathtub, perfect for a relaxing soak.
2. Building a Recessed Shower Niche: To enhance functionality, we added a recessed shower niche in the bathtub area for convenient storage of bath essentials.

Updated shower in The Beaches by Toronto Bath Centre featuring a contemporary and stylish design.**Alt Text:** "Renovated shower in The Beaches with a modern design, showcasing contemporary fixtures and elegant finishes.

Updated shower in The Beaches, featuring a contemporary and stylish design

3. Adding Functional Storage: We opened up the wall beside the bathtub to create open shelf storage and built a custom built-in cabinet, maximizing storage space without sacrificing style.
4. Installing Insulation: To address the warmth issue, we installed insulation in the exterior walls, significantly improving the room’s temperature retention.
5. Adding Schluter Heated Floor System: For extra comfort, we installed a Schluter heated floor system, ensuring the bathroom stays warm and cozy year-round.
6. Installing Wall Panels: To match the house’s historical style, we added wall panels, adding both visual interest and depth to the space.
7. Improving Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial in a bathroom, so we installed a Panasonic bathroom fan and ensured it vents properly outside, preventing moisture buildup and maintaining air quality.
8. Enhancing Lighting: We added layers of lighting at the vanity and throughout the bathroom, creating a bright and welcoming ambiance.

Ensuite bathroom transformation that masterfully combines modern functionality with the historical charm of the home.

Stunning transformation of an ensuite bathroom, blending modern amenities with historical charm.

4. The Stunning Transformation

The transformation of this ensuite bathroom is nothing short of stunning. By addressing the functional issues and incorporating our clients’ requests, we created a space that blends modern functionality with the historical charm of the home. The new bathtub invites relaxation, ample storage keeps the space organized, and the improved warmth and ventilation ensure comfort year-round.

Renovating a century-old home in The Beaches comes with its unique set of challenges, but the rewards are well worth the effort. This bathroom renovation not only met our clients’ needs but also honored the historical character of their home.

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, let us help you create a space that combines functionality, comfort, and timeless charm.¬†Toronto Bath Centre specializes in transforming homes of all types, enhancing comfort and functionality while preserving their unique charm.

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