Renovation Cost  

One of the main reasons homeowners choose to renovate their existing bathrooms is to bring them up to date or in line with current trends. You can renovate your bathroom to give it a fresh and modern spin if it feels dated or has old fixtures needing replacement.

Before making any decisions about the type of renovations you want to pursue, it’s important to assess your needs and goals for the space. At TBC we offer a free estimate to better evaluate the cost.

Cost Elements

When estimating the cost of your bathroom renovation, several elements will impact the final price.

Some key thoughts when it comes to renovation costs include the layout and scale of your space, as well as the fixtures used for construction. For instance, if you lack space, you may need to look for more compact toilets and vanities. Furthermore, certain materials like tile can be quite expensive, so carefully weigh the tile style options. 

Additional factor that can impact bathroom renovation costs is labour. If you plan on doing the work yourself, you can save some money. However, it’s essential to ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the project properly. Hiring a professional contractor can enhance to the cost of your renovation.

Bathroom renovation costs can differ widely depending on your specific needs and wants. Understanding all the factors involved ensures that your project stays within budget and meets your expectations. TBC provides a wide range of services to help with your bathroom renovation process.

Complete Bathroom Renovation

Complete remodel of your bathroom means fully redoing the bathroom, replacing existing layout without making any changes or changing layout to produce an entirely new space, converting bathtub into a shower or wise versa. Almost anything you ask can be done, even making changes to the plumbing to dislocate the restroom or shower. This is basically remaking the restroom from scrape to turn it into whatever you dream. 

Partial Bathroom Renovation

Still, you could always consider a partial addition, which would involve streamlining a single element. If you’re looking to modernize the look of the restroom without inexorably spending as much as you would on a 3-or 4-piece reno. This can give you the sense of commodity new at a lower cost and with less work. For a partial restroom addition in details, you may read here.

What is the standard size? 

The 3-piece bathroom is generally considered as the standard bathroom with shower or bathtub, toilet and vanity. When you add another component in that such as jacuzzi / free standing tub or standing shower that is considered as 4-piece bathroom. 4-piece bathroom labor cost starts from $22K and 3-piece bathroom can cost you as low as $15K. Furthermore, other important factor is we need more sq ft area available to change into 4-piece bathroom. 

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Ideas for partial bathroom renovation

Partial bathroom renovation is the process of remodeling your bathroom to alter its look and vibe. While renovation might sound like a big job burning a hefty hole in your pocket, partially renovating your bathroom can help to lift your spirits without having to dip into your savings.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you can partially change in your bathroom.

Bathtub–to–shower conversion

The bathtub to shower conversion has been turning into a widely accepted renovation for quite some time now.

Bathtub to shower conversion includes the removal of the bathtub and installing the shower, new tiles, shower faucet and shower door installation.

This type of partial renovation creates easy to assess shower place changing the look of your bathroom entirely.

Shower/tub faucet replacement

Simply replace the existing shower arm and add the Retro Fit system components without altering any in-wall plumbing

Toilet replacement

The toilet is the most integral part of the bathroom. You can replace your toilet with the new version of the one you have, or you can go for a completely different design.

Bathroom vanity replacement

You have two choices when it comes to replacing bathroom vanity.

The first one is replacing the complete bathroom vanity including the cabinet, top and faucet.

The second option is replacing some part of it . Only by this little change, the whole look of the bathroom will be renewed.

Shower or bathtub glass replacement

Glass enclosures keep the water from going out, and it helps to keep the rest of your bathroom tidy.

At Toronto Bath Centre we believe that caring for your shower door should be simple and stress-free. We recommend installing the glass door treated with unique glass protection that prevents scum, lime scale, salt, chemicals, grime and hard water damage from accumulating on your shower door.

Some of the models have a safety protection which is a transparent film bonded directly onto the glass panel by means of an adhesive to improve safety by retaining the pieces together in the event of glass breakage.

Bathroom lights replacement

When you buy house from someone, chances are that the light fixtures are nowhere close to what you need.

Replacing or adding new vanity light, adding shower light and pot lights, installing dimmer and timer switches changes the look of your bathroom.

At Toronto Bath Centre we think that partial bathroom renovation is a great way to update your bathroom.

Book your consultation with our experts and we will be happy to assist you.

A profession can help you express your thoughts on paper as well as offer fresh ideas. Equally important, the experience and expertise of professionals ensure that the project will meet local building codes and they’ll likely help you avoid expensive mistake. 

Meet with prospective contractors to discuss your project. Ask about their experience with bathroom projects as well as problem solving. Ask if they provide project management. Regular meetings to discuss progress and updates on interim deadlines will help to eliminate any issues and misunderstanding. 

Ask how long they have been in business and whether they carry insurance. Without insurance you’re liable for accidents that occur on your property. 

Obtain references from contractors and take the time to inspect their work. 

Narrow your choice to three to five contractors and ask for final estimate/quote. Eliminate from contention any contractor who posts a late estimate/quote; having too much work is not a valid excuse.

Review each estimate carefully to see how thoroughly they have been researched. The estimate should include detail description of each stage.

Take all factors into account, including price, when making the final selection of your general contractor. Be skeptical of any estimate that significantly lower than the others. The lowest bidder may not deliver the most satisfying results. 

The finally, open communication. Speak up immediately if you are displeased. The longer you wait the more expensive and difficult corrections will be. A good working relationship will achieve the best results.  Keep these tips in mind for the smoothest path to finishing your bath project. 

Frequent check-ins. Try to coordinate a time when he or she can discuss progress. That way you can quickly assess the work done the previous day and discuss any problems or upcoming decisions. 

Changes in writing. Though you want to minimize changes-they generally are costly – you may need to alter plans after work has started. Put any “change” agreements in writing and make them as precise and detailed as the original contract.

Financial updates. Before the project starts deciding with your contractor how often you’ll discuss money. Frequent checkpoints will allow you both to assess whether the project is on budget. No matter how detailed your contract, delays beyond your control can occur. Be prepared to discuss how problems may affect the budget and how to adjust the plan to keep costs down.

Barrier-free bathrooms have been quite the rage for some time now. The comfort of barrier-free bathrooms that are customized to fit your needs is unmatched. 

The idea behind barrier-free bathrooms is to create one that is tailor-made for the client. Planning  is a crucial step because a barrier-free bathroom should be functional, comfortable, and beautiful at the same time.

There are a few essential factors we account for when creating a barrier-free bathroom, such as accessibility, enhanced mobility, and reduced obstacles. Let’s look at some of the unique features  of our barrier-free bathrooms.

Barrier-free Shower

Most showers have a traditional tray design. While that’s comfortable, it has some flaws, especially for people with limited mobility. But a barrier-free shower, also known as a walk-in shower, does not have a raised platform. 

It’s designed to give easy access to people who may be injured or bound to wheelchairs. Furthermore, this allows the bathroom floor to blend into the shower floor. This reduces the risk of slipping while creating a better flow between the shower space and the rest of the bathroom.

Expanded Entrance Doors

Conventional bathroom doors have a restricted design that doesn’t have enough space for walkers and wheelchairs to go through. This makes people with physical disabilities dependent on everyone around them for help. 

There’s no doubt that nothing is wrong with that, but some people don’t like it. They would rather be independent and take care of themselves on their own. So using an expanded entrance door which is wider than the usual entrance, makes it easy for people to enter the bathroom without any struggle.

Shower and Toilet Grab Bars

Grab bars are metal bars often installed above the toilet seat in public bathrooms. These metal bars are usually installed in bathrooms to help people hoist themselves up from their seats. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from chronic pain. 

Grab bars can be installed wherever you need a little assistance. For example, it can provide support in the shower, particularly if the floor is slippery.

Benches in the Shower

Benches in the shower are an underrated concept. Benches can help relieve some of the pressure from time to time. 

Moreover, shower benches are a convenient addition for almost everyone. You can build a bench connected to your tiles or install one separately wherever needed. 

Automatic Lighting

Automated lighting is an extremely helpful feature. You don’t need any switches that you have to walk to turn on the lights. All you need to do is walk into the bathroom, and the lights will turn on automatically. 

Light sensors are usually installed all over the bathroom walls for better visibility. A poorly lit bathroom is a health hazard, especially if the light switch is inside the bathroom. 

Matte Floor Tiles

Matte floor tiles are a game changer for people of all ages. Accidents tend to occur in the bathroom if it’s not built correctly. Likewise, if there’s poor tiling, there is a high chance of slip-and-fall accidents. 

Therefore, matte floor tiles or non-slip tiles can help enhance the overall safety of the bathroom and not just the shower. Not only do they promote safety, but they also give the bathroom a very modern look.

Toilets at Comfortable Heights

This one is a no-brainer. When the toilet is at a comfortable height, it prevents injuries and helps people with back and knee pain. A comfortable toilet height is at least 16 inches from the floor. You can customize it to your specific requirements depending on the problems you face in your current setup. 

In a Nutshell, bathrooms are supposed to be comfortable, functional, and beautiful. That is exactly what a barrier-free bathroom is. So whether you want to correct your current bathroom’s layout to fit your needs or design a new one, we can work with you to create a barrier-free bathroom that can solve all your problems. 

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You have just had your bathroom renovation completed. Everything is bright and shiny, fresh and clean.

Your newly remodeled bathroom is like a showroom and its almost a shame to use it.

You then spy that new deep bath we installed and the amazing new rain head shower that offers massage after a long hard day. We love to enjoy all we have worked for.

By sharing these tips we want your new bathroom to look as bright and shiny in 10 years  time as they do now.

Here are some tips:

Register your warranty

Your bathroom has a lot of moving parts from many different brands. We leave the manuals and instructions in the top drawer of the cabinet for future reference.  Make sure you keep these in a safe place for future reference in the unlikely event that you would need them.

Bathroom fan

Creating good air flow within the bathroom can help to avoid mould. Leaving the window opened, opening the blinds during the day to allow the light in and using your exhaust fan while showering and bathing will all help avoid mould.  It’s a good idea to remove the fan cover plate once every season as you will notice dust will start to sit on the grill.

Drain maintenance

Cleaning the drains on a monthly basis is not only something that should be done for hygiene, it helps to keep your waterproofing system working the way it should.

Sparkling Clean Shower

  1. Rinse your shower walls and shower screen down with water when you finished showering. Shower systems with hand shower are very useful for this.
  2. Wipe your shower screen down w/squeegee. If you have very large, high gloss tiles, use squeegee on the walls as well.
  3. Leave your shower screen door open when you are finished showering. This allows the shower to dry out, reduces humidity and mould growth.

Faucets & Fixtures

Always remember to read and follow the manufacturers recommendations. We recommend that faucets and fixtures be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive liquid soap, warm water and soft cloth. Never use abrasive products, chemicals, corrosives that are very strong or in powder form, including toothpaste, detergents, scouring products, window cleaners and disinfectants. A mild detergent, warm water and a soft cloth will remove normal dirt and soap accumulations on the surface. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning and wipe with a soft dry cloth to restore original lustre on its surface.

Acrylic-bathtubs, shower bases & walls 

To keep your acrylic looking bright and smooth, use mild liquid household detergents, soap & water or foaming cleansers. Never use aromatic solvents, abrasive cleaners  or other materials that could damage or dull the surface of your walls, showers or bathtub. 

Whirlpool (Jetted) Tub Maintenance

Your jetted tub’s pump and piping should be cleaned out every few months. The tub’s system stays cleaner the more you use your jets. Every couple of months fill the tub above the jets with hot water and add few teaspoons low sudsing automatic dishwashing detergent or a few cups bleach. Run the jets for about 15 minutes, drain the tub, fill again and run clean water through for another 15 minutes. 

Natural Stones

Natural stone is like a sponge – it’s porous. It absorbs whatever is spilled on it. We highly recommend it to be sealed. Sealer breaks down over time and needs to be sealed typically every two years. Remember a properly sealed surface will cause liquids to bead on top of them. If the water  simply disappears and gets absorbed into the natural stone it’s probably time to seal it again.  Not taking care of your countertop can lead to etching and staining. 

Wood Vanity

Use a lint free cloth for regular dusting. Do not use pre-moistened dusting sheets (they may damage the finish). For everyday cleaning, use a damp cloth and dry immediately. To remove general soil or grease, we recommend Murphy Oil Soap Original Formula. It is a great cleaner for all your wood surfaces.

Quartz Countertop

Clean with a soft rag and PH-balanced detergent if necessary. The detergent must be non-bleach and non-abrasive. Wipe away liquids, stains and spills as soon as possible. For dried or heavy stains, use a glass cleaner and a non-abrasive sponge. Spray cleaner over the counter and leave for 8-10 minutes. Then wipe away with the non-scratch sponge. For gum, grease or paint, remove with a plastic knife and then clean the rest with a soft rag.


Wash it with mild, soapy water, rinse thoroughly with clear water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use in-tank cleaners. These products can seriously corrode fittings in the tank. This damage can cause leakage and property damage.

We hope these tips will help you maintain your bathroom for years to come. If you need any help, feel free to call our showroom and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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Condo living has been popular in Toronto for a while, at least since the 1980s. However, no one predicted or accounted for the recent surge in popularity. The condo market had a huge rise, leading people to either buy condos or sell the ones they own at jaw-dropping rates.

Whatever the reason for owning a condo, it’s always a good idea to get it renovated. A good place to start would be with a condo bathroom renovation. Let’s discuss why.

Is There Any Need To Renovate Your Bathroom?

There are multiple reasons why you could be opting for bathroom renovation. It could be a matter of renovating the entire condo space so it is ready to be handed to a new buyer. A condo that has been freshly renovated certainly brings in a higher resale price. Since you’re competing with other sellers, the renovation also gives you a chance to have a different design offering than others, which would ensure a sale.

More than anything though, it could be a matter of personal preference. There is a satisfaction to living in a home that’s catered entirely to your taste. You might think there’s no need to renovate a small bathroom if that’s the case, but there is more reason to do so. It will certainly make the rest of your day better if you walk into a brightly lit bathroom that’s been renovated uniquely to your preferences. You can increase storage options and make even cramped spaces feel better this way.

So, it’s not a matter of need as much as the benefits you get from a small condo bathroom renovation.

What Is The Cost Of  A Condo Bathroom Renovation?

It is hard to estimate a cost for bathroom renovation due to the various factors that play into it. A unit can have bad piping, leaks, the material, and the overall scope of the work, which could increase the cost factor and make it harder to determine an overall cost.

 Toronto Bath Centre  offers a free consultation before renovation so you could get no obligation in home estimate or we invite you to visit out showroom and speak with us about your future renovation. 

On average, the Toronto condo bathroom renovation costs touch $15,000. A standard 5’x8 might cost $15,000 and $18,000 for high-end. Luxury designs could amount to $22,000. Then, a large 14’x14’ might even touch the $40,000 mark for a luxurious renovation. To design a small bathroom that’s about 10’x10′, high-end could mean $30,000.

Overall, the price can range from $9,000 to $40,000, depending on how big the project happens to be.

What Requirements Need To Be Made While Making Plans For Renovating Your Condo Bathroom?

A condo bathroom renovation is different from any other renovation in a house because in that case, your decision only affects you and your family. For condos, floors, walls, and ceilings are still shared by other units in the apartment complex. Making big changes without their approval could be hard.

Before you plan a renovation project, you should read up on your ownership boundaries. Whether what you can change is only limited to the interior walls or exterior walls is of massive importance. Your condominium should have come with an ownership document, which would have these details.

Again, an experienced contractor is a huge factor in this case. You want someone who understands the regulations that come with owning a condominium. You need to look at how long they have been in the business and how strongly their service has been recommended. Only depending on the cost is never a good idea. If your contractor conducts some damage to a common shared space with other owners, you are the one who will end up paying the cost of it.

Some other requirements involve gaining an approval letter from the Board of Directors. Seeing whether you have parking and elevator access so the materials can be brought up without a fuss. Checking the working hours so you don’t disturb other condo owners and clean everything up by the end.

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Bathrooms, while practical offer us an escape. Combining functionality and beauty, good designs will create a space that will help wash your worries away.

But before you start prying the tiles off the floors to start your bathroom renovations, it’s time to take a step back and get a good idea of what you are getting yourself into.

That’s why we at Toronto Bath Centre have created a bathroom renovation guide that will help you remodel with confidence and purpose.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.   

Project Breakdown 

Now is the time to consider the scope of your project. Whether you are making a few simple changes or want to do a full bathroom remodel, having a clear understanding of what you want will allow you to create a plan that will help you meet your goals. Consider things such as design, layout, storage, plumbing, lighting,  budget. 

If you’re curious to learn more, check out our blog post 7 Things to Know Before You Start Your Bathroom Renovations before continuing.  

Once you have created a renovation plan, it’s time to get to work.  

What’s Your Budget? 

When considering costs, take a moment to ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. What is non-negotiable? 
  1. What would be nice to have? 
  1. What is an afterthought? 

Bathroom renovations can range from 8,000 to 80,000 CAD depending on your bathroom’s size and what needs to be done. If you are planning on only replacing the bathroom fixtures, costs will be much less than if plumbing, electrical and ventilation work is involved.  

At Toronto Bath Centre we are a full-service agency that can help lighten the load. We offer design assistance and provide installation services to make your bathroom renovations stress free. 

Make an estimate and then add a little extra just in case! 

Renovating or Remodeling  Your Bathroom 

Remodeling your bathroom is about designing a relaxing space that where you can put yourself first, bring balance to your mind and body. 

At Toronto Bath Centre we have know-how to transform your bathroom into private oasis. 

Once you’ve come up with a plan, it’s time for the fun part!  

Bathroom Fixtures 

While scrolling Pinterest for inspiration is fun, it can also be overwhelming. That’s why we want to help! Here at Toronto Bath Centre with have a wide array of bathroom faucets, vanities, toilets, bathtubs, shower doors  that are sure to make your bathroom stand out.  

Whether you want modern light and airy fixtures or homey cottage vibes, we can help find your style and choose your: 

  • Regular or freestanding soaker tub – they are ideal way to have a bath that relieves stress after working day  
  • Frameless glass in shower that makes your bathroom feel open and airy 
  • Toilets with heated seats, built in bidets etc… 
  • Rain head showers, taps, faucets that will last long time and look beautiful 

To visit our beautiful showroom and see these in person, give us a call and get a consultation today! 

Finish Line 

If you want your bathroom to stand out focus on your fittings and finishes 

Play around with: 

  • Wall mount or stand alone vanities with marble, granite or quartz countertops 
  • Accent pieces such as mirrors, accessories, art and plants to give your bathroom a unique character 
  • Different lighting fixtures like wall sconces, pendant, ceiling, or mirror lights to create a soothing mood 

Once you’ve finished, you’ve reached the most important step of all – enjoying your own private oasis.  

Whether we are your choice for quality products or for the whole bathroom renovation process, we look forward to being a part of your team.  

To get started on your bathroom renovation, click here

The basic difference between floor mounted and wall hung toilets is that the wall hung models  have the cistern hidden inside your bathroom wall. Attached to the wall of your bathroom, such toilets enhance your bathroom aesthetics. Let’s check  advantages and disadvantages of such toilets.

What’s To Think About While Choosing  Wall-Mounted Toilet?

Wall-mounted toilets are space-saving.

One of the biggest advantages of having a wall-mounted toilet  is that they save a lot of floor space. They’re ideal for small bathrooms because they occupy zero floor space and they make the room look more spacious.

You can adjust the height at installation.

Another big pro is the fact that you get to decide the exact height at which to install the toilet so that it’s most comfortable for you. This increases comfort and is a really nice element that allows you to customize your bathroom.

Weight limit

Obviously, weight limit of different wall hung toilets varies from model to model. Here are three of the most popular and best wall hung toilets and how much loads they can support

  • 880 pounds – TOTO Aquia Wall Hung Toilet when used with TOTO in-wall Tank Sustem
  • 500+ pounds  – KOHLER Veil Wall Hung Toilet
  • 500+ pounds – American Standard Glenwall Wall Hung toilet

Correct Installation of Wall Mounted Toilet

You need to make sure that your wall hung toilet is installed correctly onto a sturdy wall and your toilet will be able to handle very heavy loads. It is very important to use all the nuts and washers when you set the toilet and follow the instructions.

Make sure you hire experienced plumber who knows exactly how to install your wall hung toilet model.

They’re easier to maintain and clean.

Because they’re not attached to the floor, you can easily use the mop to clean the area underneath and around them.

The water is concealed behind the wall.

The fact that the water tank of these toilets is concealed behind the wall can also be viewed as a pro and as a con. It looks super sleek and nice but installing it  requires removal of drywall. Such a project is best for a new build or a remodel.

Make sure your wall-mounted toilet comes with an access panel on the wall for easy repairs.

They come with high-tech features.

Usually, wall-mounted toilets also come with high tech features such as automated lids, integrated dryers, illuminated bowls and all sorts of other things.

Should You Choose Wall Hung Toilets?

If you are willing to upgrade your bathroom with a more contemporary look, go for cool, sleek and  modern  wall-hung toilet.

Need more information?

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Our day begins and ends with a shower. We jump in the shower in the morning to get an invigorating start to our day or relax in the shower in the evening to wash away the stressors of the day. There is a huge variety of showers, showerheads, and shower systems for you to choose from when renovating your home. When choosing the perfect shower or bathtub faucet, there are few factors to take into consideration including shower valves, the configuration and type, water pressure, and accessories.


Let’s begin our discussion with the technical issues.

The valve  is the plumbing part that controls the  water flow. You don’t see it because it is covered by the control plate  and  wall plate. The valve controls the pressure and temperature of the water in your bath or shower.

The valve is often called to as a rough in valve  because it’s roughed into the wall frame during construction and welded into the hot and cold water supplies. In new construction or a complete renovation the valve goes into the wall and   the faucet set or trim kit is installed with the handle/control panel covering the valve.

Are you  wondering if you can just install a fresh new trim kit for a quick update?

If you purchase a trim kit, you need to make sure that you have the proper valve installed in the wall to receive it. These are  the basics to know:

  • Most trim kits require a specific model valve from the manufacturer who makes the kit.
  • Over the past five years or so, a number of companies including  Delta, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Riobel and others have begun making universal valves that can take different trim kits—still from that brand only.

What is a pressure balance valve?

A pressure balance valve is designed to supply water to your shower at a  constant temperature, even with pressure fluctuations in the hot or cold supply lines. This means, if someone  flushes  the toilet or using washing machine or dishwasher  while you’re showering, the shower water temperature should not suddenly become scalding hot. 

What is a thermostatic valve?

A thermostatic valve is designed to regulate water temperature for your shower. This is achieved by using a wax thermostatic unit that maintains a constant water temperature even after turning off the shower. The pre-selected shower temperature helps reduce the risk of accidental scalding.  

2. Choose the right configuration

You can still see  the standard  tub/shower combo in the full bath in a majority of houses and condo.

Depending on your choice of shower fixtures these are your options

Tub-only faucets

Depending on your choice of tub, here are your faucet mounting options:

Deck mount:This is a faucet mounted on the rim of the tub itself or in a surrounding deck made of marble, tile, etc.  This category of the faucets is a very popular style which may require a separate valve/rough in.

Floor mount: (also called free standing): This type of the faucet is a perfect  option for a tub without pre-drilled holes, freestanding tub or vintage-look clawfoot  tub. This category of the faucet requires a separate valve/rough in.

Wall mount:  This type of the faucet is an alternative for a freestanding tub that is close to a wall.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom  or building  new house, installing a shower system is a big job.

Our Team will be happy to help you to design your own custom system or to choose the right  prepackaged system.

Book your appointment with us to start to plan your new dream bathroom.