With over 25 years of experience in the renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, Toronto Bath Centre was founded on a passion for turning vision into reality.

Our expertise is in bathroom and kitchen renovations, providing both comprehensive makeovers and partial updates. We aim to bring your dream space to life.

Managing your renovation from initial design to final execution, we ensure a seamless and efficient process. Our commitment to quality and timely execution guides us at every step, guaranteeing a superior renovation experience. Our meticulous approach ensures your project exceeds expectations.

We provide expert advice on choosing top-quality materials and products, ensuring your renovated area is both stylish and functional. Our guidance helps blend visual appeal with practicality, creating spaces that not only look great but also work perfectly for your needs.


Crafting tailored elegant kitchens and bathrooms that inspire and delight every homeowner.


Full bathroom and kitchen renovation services by Toronto Bath Centre, customized to suit your preferences, home, and budget.


Success depends on careful planning. We start with an initial estimate, follow with an in-home visit, and finalize with a labor proposal, ensuring every detail of your project is thoroughly addressed.


You will visit our showroom to discover a range of styles and materials. Our experts will guide you in choosing layouts, color schemes, and fixtures that suit your taste, ensuring your space is both functional and stylish.


With the plan set and all materials ordered, the renovation should proceed smoothly. Our dedicated and trusted team of contractors ensure design feasibility and address any surprises. We focus solely on your project , ensuring it finishes on schedule.


Upon completion of the work, we conduct a thorough walkthrough using our post-renovation checklist to verify that your new bathroom or kitchen meets your standards. If any aspect is not to your satisfaction, we will continue to refine it until it is perfect.


Enjoy the elegance and comfort of your newly renovated bathroom or kitchen.

Keep all invoices and documents handy for warranty purposes, ensuring peace of mind with your new renovations.


A tailored design that meets your personal preferences and style, expert and quality craftsmanship and with it your piece of mind.

We are dedicated to excellence in every renovation project. We ensure design to meet your personal preferences and style, high quality materials, expert and quality craftsmanship and transparent communication. Our team is committed to providing a seamless experience in achieving your dreams.

25 Years of Experience

Toronto Bath Centre was launched with more than 25 years of experience in bathrooms and kitchens renovation.

We take joy in helping you creating your dream bathrooms and kitchens, improving the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home and ensuring your satisfaction.




Alina has accumulated a total of 28 years of construction industry experience, 15 years in
Europe and 13 in Canada. She studied Master Degree of Marketing in Kiev University, Master Degree of Business Administration in Mc Ewan University, Edmonton Alberta, and Interior
Design at Humber College, Toronto Ontario.
Thanks to her European experience in plumbing fixture items Alina has great knowledge about
designing bathrooms and successfully managing projects.
She also has understanding of business administration and interior design, so her skill set goes beyond plumbing.
Various initiatives fall under Alina’s purview for direction, planning, and supervision of projects.
In all projects Alina is in charge of managing, organizing, and directing.
She establishes the project’s goals, objectives, and deliverables in addition to figuring out the
resources and timeframes required to complete it successfully.
She is also in charge of leading and managing project teams, delegating duties, and keeping
track of development throughout the project lifetime.
All this showcases her expertise and knowledge in this field.



Sergei has 30 years of considerable experience in various areas such as tiling, plumbing bathroom and kitchen renovations.
With 30 years of experience, we can assure you he has a vast knowledge of this field and has developed strong skills.
Furthermore, he has also played an important role in training all our teams, which indicates a level of expertise and leadership.
Additionally, he is always providing technical advice, suggesting ideas to resolve cases that require a deep understanding of the technical aspects.
Lastly, he also takes on project management responsibilities, demonstrating his ability to manage and oversee various projects in these areas.



An experienced contractor in the renovation process exhibits exceptional performance, always delivering top-notch results.

They have years of experience and have perfected the art of their craft, ensuring that every last detail is carried out perfectly.

Their dedication to quality is evident in their work, which results in stunning and useful environments that go above and beyond what clients anticipate.

This contractor is trustworthy and effective, guaranteeing that the task will be finished within the allocated period whether it is a modest restoration or a substantial redesign.

They are a reliable option for any renovation project because of their commitment to producing high-quality work and great service.



He combines his education and experience from Europe in his performance as a mechanical electrician. 
Being a Licensed Electrical Contractor and holding a Master Electrician Certification indicates he is well-qualified for his role.
His comprehension of building structure allows him to execute his duties with minimal or no damage.
Furthermore, he takes on the obligation of obtaining electrical permits for all the work he undertakes. 
In the end, he guarantees that all necessary electrical inspections are arranged after completing a job.



He has an impressive 15 years of experience in the renovation industry, which guarantees extensive knowledge and expertise.

He is able to take on challenging tasks and his exceptional skills enable him to handle larger renovation projects.

Being a true professional, he maintains a high standard of professionalism and performs his duties with the utmost diligence and dedication, ensuring client satisfaction.

He consistently produces outstanding results, leaving behind a remarkable transformation, making his work qualitative.

With his remarkable history of dedication and excellence he has established himself as a reliable and trustworthy figure in the renovation sector.