10 Key Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Starting a bathroom renovation can greatly improve your home’s functionality and resale value. However, it’s easy to fall into common traps without careful planning. To help you avoid these bathroom renovation mistakes, here are ten major pitfalls to steer clear of during your remodel.

 1. Blowing the Budget

A common blunder in bathroom renovations is underestimating the budget. Unexpected complications like structural deficiencies or hidden water damage can inflate costs quickly. Always plan for an extra 10-20% in your budget for unexpected expenses to avoid financial strain.


2. Poor Layout Planning

Functionality should take precedence in your bathroom layout. Mistakes often occur when the spatial arrangement of fixtures is overlooked.

When planning your bathroom layout, avoid these common spatial mistakes for better functionality and aesthetics:

  • Blocking the Door: Ensure no fixtures prevent the door from fully opening, which can make the space feel cramped.
  • Inconvenient Shower Access: Avoid placing the toilet too close to the shower, as it hampers easy movement in and out.
  • Poor Toilet Placement: Don’t position the toilet directly in front of the door; it should be off to the side or behind a privacy wall for better aesthetics and privacy.
  • Lack of Counter Space: Ensure there’s ample counter space around the sink for practical daily use.
  • Obstructed Cabinetry: Plan enough clearance for cabinetry and drawers to open without hitting other fixtures or walls.



 3. Inadequate Ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial in a bathroom to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew. Installing a high-quality exhaust fan is essential to maintain a healthy and durable environment.

4. Using Inappropriate Materials

Selecting materials that aren’t suited to high moisture and temperature variations can lead to premature wear and tear. Choose durable, water-resistant materials like porcelain for tiles and stainless steel for fixtures to enhance longevity.

At Toronto Bath Centre, we prioritize high-quality materials that are resistant to water, moisture, and temperature fluctuations, all while aligning with your preferred style to guarantee the best choices for your project. We collaborate with top brands like Tenzo, Vogt, Rubi, Bagno Italia, Kohler, Toto, and others to ensure excellence and durability.

Modern bathroom featuring gold Tenzo faucets, with white sink and marble countertops, reflecting upscale design and elegance. Elegant modern bathroom with gold Tenzo faucets.

 5. Neglecting Proper Lighting

Lighting is often an afterthought in bathroom renovations, but it’s essential for both functionality and aesthetics. Plan for a mix of task, ambient, and accent lighting to ensure the space is well-lit and inviting.

6. Overlooking Storage Needs

Insufficient storage can lead to clutter and disorganization. Include adequate storage solutions such as vanity cabinets, shelves, and recessed medicine cabinets to keep your bathroom organized and tidy.

7. Overestimating DIY Skills

DIY renovations can be rewarding, but overestimating your capabilities can lead to expensive mistakes. Complex tasks, particularly plumbing and electrical work, should typically be handled by professionals.

8. Forgoing Professional Advice

Though hiring professionals can add to the cost, their expertise is invaluable for avoiding costly errors and ensuring the project adheres to building codes. A qualified contractor can also help keep the project on schedule and within budget.

9. Following Trends Too Closely

It’s tempting to go all-in on the latest bathroom trends, but this can make your space feel outdated quickly. Opt for a timeless design that complements the overall style of your home for enduring appeal.

Elegant bathroom featuring Tenzo faucets and shower system.


10. Ignoring the Overall Home Aesthetic

Your bathroom should harmonize with the rest of your home. A renovation that clashes with the home’s existing style can disrupt the overall aesthetic. Make sure your new bathroom complements and enhances the overall look and feel of your home.

Looking to renovate your bathroom without the stress? At Toronto Bath Centre, we specialize in transforming your bathroom dreams into reality with our expert advice, individual approach, and free in-home estimates. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in avoiding these common mistakes and create the bathroom you’ve always wanted!



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